Mobile phone enrollment

First, you need to update our app or download it, if you haven’t already.

Allow 5 to 10 minutes for the enrollment process.
You'll only need to do this once.

Account Login

Click on the "Click Here" link to begin the enrollment process.

1. Online Banking User Agreement

Review the User Agreement and click the checkbox: "Yes, I agree..." to continue.

2. Personal Information

Fill out your personal information.

3. Login Details

Create a username and password.

4. Email Activation

An activation code arrives in your email inbox.
Retrieve this code, enter it in the field, and click "continue".

5. Mobile Phone Activation

A text message arrives on your mobile phone with an activation code.
Retrieve this code, enter it in the field, and click "continue".

6. One Time Password

Decide how you want to receive one-time passwords.
Choose email, mobile phone, or both.

7. Challenge Questions

You will setup challenge questions and answers used as identity verifcation by you and the credit union.

8. Register Device

Let us know if the device you're using is used by others (public) or only by you (personal).

9. Registration Complete

Yay! You're done. That wasn't so bad.

Account Login

You're back where we started.
Use your new username and password to log in.

That's all you need to know to register.
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